Face Makeup

Hi, everyone, today I will give you some beauty tips how to proper face makeup step by step.

Choosing the right cosmetics is definitely the way to start, but beside that, following the right steps is as well the key factor to have a flawless makeup.

Don’t forget is also important that you chose the right Makeup mirror

So let’s start!

Micellar Cleansing Water

  1. Wash your face! Yes if you woke up now you probably put some night creams and other night products or traces of eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, etc , its very important to remove them before you can put any other product. Use a gentle cleanser or one with a -balanced pH.

Your skin type needs appropriate cosmetics, for a dry skin, use moisturizing cream based cleansers, normal skin, use a gentle cleanser avoiding any exfoliates, oily skin, use oily base cleanser.

Ok now you have your skin clean, let it dry and proceed to step 2.


  1. Moisturize your skin. Now let’s prepare the skin for the daily aggressions, use a moisture base to hydrate and protect, if you work outside and get a lot of sun in your face, you should consider choosing a moisture cosmetic that have some sunscreen minimum 20.


  1. The primer, this makeup product will fill the pores, resulting in a smoother skin and will provide the important preparation for the foundation. Start applying a small bit of primer onto your cheeks, forehead, and finally into your chin. To blend you can use your fingers, or if you prefer use your brush for foundation.If you have some irregularity on your skin you can use a tinted primer to mask all that colorations or acne.

Now your skin is ready to the rest of the cosmetics.


  1. Foundation, apply the first layer this will evens out your skin tone and give a special glow to it. To apply this cosmetic, stat the same process as the primer, after the chin continue for the bridge of your nose a place were is important to spread it well. To achieve a natural makeup use your fingertips and blend it from the center to the edges of your face. For a heavier makeup to use at night or some special moment use the makeup sponge to apply this layer check the Beauty blender s the best in maket.

Don’t forget, your skin tone will change all over the year, so make sure you are using the right color to match your skin, summer tone foundation is really strange if you use it on winter.

Is really important you buy a good foundation and in the right tone, thrust me the one thing you don’t want is to look like you have a mask on your face.

To finish you can apply this last step, now is up to your taste.


  1. Translucent setting powder.This makeup is mainly to better fix your foundation and to suck up any excess oil that your skin will produce all over the day. Use a large and fluffy makeup brush to apply a thin layer all over your face, blend in the areas around your eyes.


So I hope this was helpful to you , don’t forget to have fun !

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