Movember – Best Products

Movember list of best products.

Hi guys! You know, i love this month, is really nice to see every man growing a mustache, some of them don’t like it and take it off some find a new passion. But keeping a mustache is ritual, you have some rules if you want to keep it healthy and good looking.

1. A good and sharp shave

Before you start grooming a mustache or a complete beard you better so shave proper your face. First start with a hot shower, put some face scrub to remove all the dead skin and toxins out of your face. Then shave your face with a nice and new razor, finish by washing  the face with cold water to close the hair follicles.

Why this is a important step?

Because you want to get a nice and healthy grow of your facial hair, and most important of all the hair will grow at the same rithm.

2. Let it grow

For the first 2 weeks there is no special care with your mustache, you just need your face washed 2 times per day, one in the moring other wen you go to sleep.

3. Now its time for beard wax and oil

The hair in your face need more care then the hair in your head. Oils and waxes are very important to keep them soft and healthy. Use the wax and Oil in the morning and only the wax in the night.

Mr Bear Family Moustache Wax (20ml/0.67oz) – Citrus – $20

This  beard wax is the best you can find in market, as a nice smell and a good combination of oils to keep the facial hair healthy. Apply a small bit of the beard wax, use your finger nail to help you take the wax, and spread it well in your hands and scrub them hard until it gets warm. Now apply to your facial hair from the neck all the way up. When buying a wax the smell is very important don’t  forget that its always near your nose.

Proraso – Beard oil – $16

This brand is a well known in Europe, as nice fragrance and all the essential oils that your hairs need. In the morning after washing your face, with the beard still a little bit humid, apply 2 or 3 drops in the palm of your hand, and then apply it warm in your face, from the neck all the way up.

4. Trim and brush

Its important that time to time you cut the hair, to model it or just to get rid of the bad hairs. Most important of all you should brush it every day with a beard Brush! To keep your hairs in place and also to keep them clean, removing dead hair foils and styling.

GrowABeard-Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men – $12.99

5. Shower tip

When you shower, treat your beard like your hair, wash it and apply some  hair conditioner to make it soft and hydrated. Thrust me this will make the difference in your final result.

Well that’s all you need to know about how to proper keep your beard and mustache, and don’t forget to have fun!

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Hypoallergenic makeup

The allergy to certain cosmetic products is common in many women. And each more make-up has been taking up more space on our dressers, because even the simplest make-up makes a difference. But in many cases, women stop wearing make-up because they are allergic. However, many brands have launched their line of cosmetics hypoallergenic. That’s good news !

I recommend that before buying any makeup you want, visit your dermatologist, find out all about your allergy. Before buying any Makeup should test thus can know precisely which component that allergies cause you.

Hypoallergenic makeup brands list

Now comes the most awaited part, well then what the makeup hypoallergenic brands: among them we have:

Clinique – considered the best hypoallergenic makeup. A famous brand worldwide, being the first brand to be developed by dermatologists. Known also by creating customized products, well adapted to consumer needs. In addition to its fantastic line care skin also has a large collection of makeup.

Clinique 3 steps – travel kit – Clean, Tones and moisturizes

Since so famous kit of three skin care products, adapted to dry, oily or combination skin, we can also find hypoallergenic skin makeup:

Clinique Even Better , – The best-selling foundation of the brand;

Clinique Superprimer Face Primer;

and hypoallergenic eye makeup:

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara ;

Clinique Gentle Waterproof Mascara ;

Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow ;

Clinique Quick Liner ;

Clinique Instant Lift for Brows ;

Clinique Brow Shaper ;

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara - best hypoallergenic mascara
Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara – best hypoallergenic mascara

These products are free of fragrances, and moreover the products are not tested on animals.


Boticário– the line Make B., known to be hypoallergenic makeup brand, It has been gaining more and more importance – much due to their products increasingly they can adaptares needs of women. Since fantastic CC Cream Base 7 in 1 Multifunctional, up to new products skin care, because in order to get a good makeup we have to start from a clean skin and treated.


Mary Kay – all products of this brand are hypoallergenic, making it one of the best hypoallergenic makeup. Chosen by many women, not only for allergy sufferers. is a brand that conveys trust and responsibility. Its best known products are:

Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover ;

Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara ;

Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer ;

Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser ;

Mary Kay Foundation Primer SPF 15 ;

Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm 5 Piece Set
Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm 5 Piece Set

Neutrogena – its products are developed in partnership with dermatologists, being known as a trusted brand for consumers. Some of the products most distinguished by consumers are:

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup;

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Eye Shadow ;

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick Treatment Concealer ;

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover ;

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush ;

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes Twin Pack
Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes Twin Pack

This is my selection of products, Don’t forget to have fun!

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Makeup courses

Increasingly, art, beauty and creativity invade our day-to-day. Since advertising campaigns Fashion, Productions, Theatre, Cinema, through the makeup beauty to the characterization and body art. Other professions are having more relevance and are being created new job opportunities as well as several following training options.


The makeup artist school…


The makeup artist school presents itself as a makeup school / makeup academy directed to the training of professionals in Makeup area, Characterization and Body-Paint.

The training the makeup artist course should intend to give to the student’s knowledge a little for each area. The first main makeup lessons are the most important because this work as a starting point will give wings to creativity, imagination and individual commitment of each to become a good professional.

And as the job training should not end with the class later and during the course, is important that the Scholl can provide you some few productions and places where you can intern and work with professional makeup artists who may attend and participate as interns and even possible employment situations as a real work opportunity.

This makeup artist schools, we are often contacted by producers, television stations, cinema schools, photographers, etc … who want services within the make-up area, characterization or body-paint. Whenever possible, and through the work shown throughout the course.

As a make-up artist or characterizing, there are various labor market opportunities that require qualified professionals. The work of a makeup artist or characterizing can be fixed or working as a free-lancer, everything is a matter of opportunity and individual choice


Some makeup artist jobs:

– Working in Theatre companies

– Free-lancer Advertising

– Working with producers of movies

– Work for TV channel

– Working with a photographer

– Fashion Productions

– Dance Companies

– Make-up Artist of Facials Children Paintings

– Body paint for brands

– Business events

– Brides

– Work for makeup and cosmetic brands

– etc…

As a makeup artist or characterizing, there are various labor market opportunities that require qualified professionals. The work of a make-up artist or characterizing can be fixed or working as a free-lancer, everything is a matter of opportunity and individual choice.

You can find a good opportunity to learn by some online makeup course, where I advise you to start doing it with a friend, so you can try by yourself training on each other. The disadvantage of this online courses is that you will need to have all your cosmetics to proper learn how to master all the skills.


You can find also some good books, please check:

Makeup Lessons Kindle Edition, by Peggy Frazier O’Connor

Face with A Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup, by Chris Scott


Take your makeup lessons, and don’t forget to have fun!

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Face Makeup

Hi, everyone, today I will give you some beauty tips how to proper face makeup step by step.

Choosing the right cosmetics is definitely the way to start, but beside that, following the right steps is as well the key factor to have a flawless makeup.

Don’t forget is also important that you chose the right Makeup mirror

So let’s start!

Micellar Cleansing Water

  1. Wash your face! Yes if you woke up now you probably put some night creams and other night products or traces of eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, etc , its very important to remove them before you can put any other product. Use a gentle cleanser or one with a -balanced pH.

Your skin type needs appropriate cosmetics, for a dry skin, use moisturizing cream based cleansers, normal skin, use a gentle cleanser avoiding any exfoliates, oily skin, use oily base cleanser.

Ok now you have your skin clean, let it dry and proceed to step 2.


  1. Moisturize your skin. Now let’s prepare the skin for the daily aggressions, use a moisture base to hydrate and protect, if you work outside and get a lot of sun in your face, you should consider choosing a moisture cosmetic that have some sunscreen minimum 20.


  1. The primer, this makeup product will fill the pores, resulting in a smoother skin and will provide the important preparation for the foundation. Start applying a small bit of primer onto your cheeks, forehead, and finally into your chin. To blend you can use your fingers, or if you prefer use your brush for foundation.If you have some irregularity on your skin you can use a tinted primer to mask all that colorations or acne.

Now your skin is ready to the rest of the cosmetics.


  1. Foundation, apply the first layer this will evens out your skin tone and give a special glow to it. To apply this cosmetic, stat the same process as the primer, after the chin continue for the bridge of your nose a place were is important to spread it well. To achieve a natural makeup use your fingertips and blend it from the center to the edges of your face. For a heavier makeup to use at night or some special moment use the makeup sponge to apply this layer check the Beauty blender s the best in maket.

Don’t forget, your skin tone will change all over the year, so make sure you are using the right color to match your skin, summer tone foundation is really strange if you use it on winter.

Is really important you buy a good foundation and in the right tone, thrust me the one thing you don’t want is to look like you have a mask on your face.

To finish you can apply this last step, now is up to your taste.


  1. Translucent setting powder.This makeup is mainly to better fix your foundation and to suck up any excess oil that your skin will produce all over the day. Use a large and fluffy makeup brush to apply a thin layer all over your face, blend in the areas around your eyes.


So I hope this was helpful to you , don’t forget to have fun !

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Special effects makeup

This is the more amazing and crazy look makeup, it’s hard and takes long time to achieve a movie setup, some are so realistic you won’t believe that is a makeup job. The most relevant uses of this makeup are for theaters and for movie sets, you can have some fun and make you Halloween makeup so surprise your friends.

All begins with you will taking  a mold of your face using it as base for the sculpting, usually the  special effects makeup artist  uses a skin-safe silicone rubber don’t worry if gets thin and fragile, is normal. For really hard level makeups were you will change the shape of you face you can apply over this layer some fiber glass on it this special effects makeup supplies , you can find it easy online.

Don’t forget the limit is your imagination!

Airbrush makeup
Airbrush makeup

One technic that the special effects makeup artist will use for a better and more perfect makeup will be painting the details by airbrush makeup. Managing well this makeup tool will bring you better final results and you may use it on your day-by-day makeup.


Halloween makeup

This makeup will bring your Halloween outfit to another level. Everyone can do it, improve your creativity and let your face and body parts look like the real thing. Surprise your friends and Transform your costume from ordinary to extraordinary !Look online or in your local grocery stores some Halloween makeup kits some will bring along ideas and instructions to achieve the best look .


Theatrical makeup or Stage Makeup

The theater makeup, is one of oldest makeups ever think about clowns and circus a, they hey they all use it as part of the character that they are performing. Movies and theaters also use it in regular base. This tends to be exaggerated and very colorful to stand more the emotions. Stage makeup kits can be very useful if you are starting your career and need to improve your look .

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Makeup Mirror

We all use our standard bathroom mirrors In the morning rush, most likely we will use whatever we can find as a makeup mirror, normal to see me using a magnifying mirror or even the wall mirrors.

Most of us don’t realize, but the right mirror is one of the makeup items that will make your makeup look better and more perfect, the vanity mirror will make you a feel like you are in a makeup studio.

Let me show you which ones are the best mirrors:

Magnifying Mirror 
Magnifying Mirror

The, magnifying mirror, can be used without any problem if you already have the right lightning in your makeup studio, but this one as in the picture is better used for final details and some cosmetic details on your look.


Lighted Makeup Mirror 
Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted makeup mirror, most of them you will find that they are easy to carry around with you, similar to the magnifying mirror but with the light system that will help you a lot to better spread your mascara foundation. Best option to bring along with you to office or just to have it on your car.

Vanity mirror with lights
Vanity mirror with lights

vanity mirror with lights, this  a makeup mirror with lights  is by far the best choice you can get in the market. But as all things it comes with a price, you will find the best light for you makeup, spread well your foundation and also the best for your special effects makeup.

This lighted vanity mirror  is really amazing to upgrade you makeup Studio giving to your room and that Hollywood style that we all love. You can find also a vanity mirror without Lights as well, ideal if you already have your light system set.

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