Special effects makeup

This is the more amazing and crazy look makeup, it’s hard and takes long time to achieve a movie setup, some are so realistic you won’t believe that is a makeup job. The most relevant uses of this makeup are for theaters and for movie sets, you can have some fun and make you Halloween makeup so surprise your friends.

All begins with you will taking  a mold of your face using it as base for the sculpting, usually the  special effects makeup artist  uses a skin-safe silicone rubber don’t worry if gets thin and fragile, is normal. For really hard level makeups were you will change the shape of you face you can apply over this layer some fiber glass on it this special effects makeup supplies , you can find it easy online.

Don’t forget the limit is your imagination!

Airbrush makeup
Airbrush makeup

One technic that the special effects makeup artist will use for a better and more perfect makeup will be painting the details by airbrush makeup. Managing well this makeup tool will bring you better final results and you may use it on your day-by-day makeup.


Halloween makeup

This makeup will bring your Halloween outfit to another level. Everyone can do it, improve your creativity and let your face and body parts look like the real thing. Surprise your friends and Transform your costume from ordinary to extraordinary !Look online or in your local grocery stores some Halloween makeup kits some will bring along ideas and instructions to achieve the best look .


Theatrical makeup or Stage Makeup

The theater makeup, is one of oldest makeups ever think about clowns and circus a, they hey they all use it as part of the character that they are performing. Movies and theaters also use it in regular base. This tends to be exaggerated and very colorful to stand more the emotions. Stage makeup kits can be very useful if you are starting your career and need to improve your look .

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